Dr. Peacock (NL)

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Dr. Peacock is a Dutch Frenchcore DJ and record producer. In 2010, he began his career as a music producer. He quickly gained the attention of BKJN, a Dutch event production company, which asked him to perform at one of their events.

Frenchcore's popularity grew quickly in The Netherlands, with Dr. Peacock performing at Defqon.1 in 2014. Dr. Peacock founded his label Peacock Records, and started to focus on developing new talent and growing the Frenchcore scene. The upbeat and melodic releases on Peacock Records brought something new to the scene. In 2017, Dr. Peacock founded the label Frenchcore Worldwide and announced a new live act, "Peacock in Concert", featuring live musicians alongside Dr. Peacock. In 2019, Dr. Peacock founded his third label, Euphoric Frenchcore Records, and performed at Qlimax, which was the first frenchcore performance at the event. Currently, Dr. Peacock is described as the king of Frenchcore.

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