Doza (US)

Doza a.k.a. Carlos Mendoza is very aware of the effect the gloomy Seattle climate has on his music. It’s even a point of pride. The weather can drive the city’s music makers indoors, where they cooperate on technique, equipment and events; music makers like Pezzner, Lusine, and Hanssen. The camaraderie influences the music, as does the low light. You might not be familiar with the name Doza, but if you’re any fan of deep House music you’ve likely heard his work. Carlos has been contributing to the global underground House sound since 2001 as half of LawnChair Generals, one of the most respected House music duos in the U.S. Although LCG are known for a decade’s worth of funky dance floor fillers, Doza has been remixing for the same length of time in a style that is deeper, darker, more textured, diverging somewhat from what an audience may expect from LawnChair Generals. The first Doza remix was of Hanna’s “Time” on Viva Recordings in 2002, notably more spacey and brooding than the dubby funk of LCG’s first hit “Sweet Nothing” on the same label. Still, rhythm seems to always be in the forefront. Having been born to Venezuelan parents and being a percussionist and keyboardist from childhood his sets and tracks remain supremely danceable, and are now moving a new set of feet. Doza is not the same as he was ten years ago, neither are his listeners. After a break in production, he finds it liberating to face a changing audience and be free from expectation. That said, Doza’s heart-swelling tech-house remix of Alexander East‘s “Believe En Me” has remained a favorite in sets worldwide since it’s release in 2008, inciting motion and emotion in equal parts. His single “Ixchel” was released earlier this summer as part of Get Physical’s “Barcelona Gets Physical 2015” and “Rewind 2015” compilations, and has been charted and podcasted by M.A.N.D.Y., Keinemusik’s David Mayer, Sasha and others. Doza’s first solo E.P. simply titled “The Doza E.P.” was released on Doc Martin’s Sublevel Records in August 2015 and has received support from Lee Burridge, James What, Eddie Richards, DJ Three, Luke Solomon, Superlounge, Danny Howells, Jay Tripwire, Pezzner, and Halo among many others.
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