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Douglas Greed started his path under this moniker in 2005 with the desire for a straight bass drum and the attitude of a music lover. Before he was on the hip-hop and drum and bass tip with the pseudonym “Real” (Bionic Crew). Most recently he is an organizer and recording artist still; despite his many outgrowths. Meanwhile the enthusiastic music lover and indiemusic connoisseur has managed a considerable number of releases on straightforward labels like Combination, Lebensfreude, Kindisch, Infiné, Dekadent, Ostwind, Acker and of course Freude am Tanzen, as well as diverse remixes. In 2011 he opens his soul and presents with his debut album „KRL“ from the home team Freude am Tanzen, the status quo Douglas Greed. Floating freely from the dance floor dictation he crafts gallant hymns for the „Rave“ under the sheets. As a Bauhaus alumnus he has mutated into a multidiscipline Dougaholic: audio play, graphics, techno, live act, drum & bass, DJ, promoter – Mr. Greed is delightfully passionate about artistic manifestation. The dance casino is treated properly with sonics, if excessive, and ardent as a live act (solo or with guests such as the singer Dehlia, Daniel Brandt). Indeed, the DJ with the golden hip swing, the black hearted, orange shimmering melodies. Between Melborne, Moscow and a number of diverse metropolises he entertains the auditorium ever with a sonic insight that is straight-up amazing. There stands an inwardness, lust and curiosity without it being simply functional. To surprise himself and to sweep you along with him is his intention and drive for unforgettably impulsive nights.
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