Dot Chandler (BR)

Since her beginnings, in 2005, she experienced with different subgenres of Techno music, from the most classical and underground sonorities, going through dark, acid, melodic, deep and hard textures. Her big charisma, perfect technique on the mix and great musical selection allowed her to show her unique style in more than twenty countries around the globe, becoming one of the most important and respected djanes in the worldwide Techno scene. The passion that Fernanda feels for Techno is easy to recognize also in her alias Dot Chandler. On stage, Dot Chandler feels and interacts with Techno in a unique way. Her musical selection is full of grooves that refer to the classic electronic sounds, which she mixes with singular and original tracks in order to bring her particular vision into this music. Dot Chandler uses all her class and experience to develop her sets in a way which seduces the crowd from the first to the last, beat. Let DOT CHANDLER lead you to a journey through the refined and thrilling world of Techno.
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