DopeKatz (US)

DJ Mr.Ree (Mystery) and Myq Moon are the DOPEKATZ. They are both Dj’s and music producers from Chicago. The duo broke through in 2015 after originally being booked doing back to back Dj sets in the Chicago club scene for many years. Due to the fact that they were so musically in sink, they decided to become a duo and the DOPEKATZ were born. Spinning at underground clubs the duo would play sets using their own remixes of songs so their sets would stand out. Soon after the duo started on production of there own tracks and started to debut their own original tracks in their sets in 2016. Pleasantly surprised by the amount of positive responses, they turned to DJ/Producer Terry Hunter for advice and help with honing in on there music production and sound. In early 2016, the duo connected with music producer Joe Smooth of “Promise Land” fame.
Joe helped them with there music arrangement and in late 2016 they started compiling tracks for there first EP title “FEEL GOOD” that will be released on Joe’s label Jack-It.
The duo hit a all time high when they were added to the official BPM lineup and since have played along side Dj giants such as Roy Davis Jr., Chus and Ceballos, Cocodrills, Christain Martin, Gene Farris, Dj Sneak and Lupe Fuentes.
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