DMKZ is a Brazilian DJ and producer who started playing in 2007, performing at private partiesand clubs in Brussels, his current hometown. 2015 was the year he said goodbye to music ashe got to start a company in Belgium. Despite this importantchange, however, music hasalways remained his true and only love and this passion led him to experiment and produce,until his definitive return in 2020.The first tracks he released in 2020 were “Arriba” (almost 40,000 plays, released as anindependentartist) and “So Everybody” (almost 250,000, by Spinnup), energetic songs madespecifically to make people dance and have fun in clubs. We note the typical sounds ofBrazilian bass music and the presence of trumpets that recall the Latin “caliente” rhythm.2021 marked a profound change in the Brazilian artist's productions. The tracks released aremore melodic, involving the use of acoustic guitar and the presence of vocal parts, withouthowever eliminating the characteristic sound with which DMKZ is makingitself known in theworld. The songs in question are: “Dark room” (more than 75,000 plays), “Not feeling in thedark” (almost 150,000, published by Spinnup) and the recent “Alive” (over 10,000, by AddMusic). As of today, DMKZ has nearly 15,000 monthly listeners on its Spotify profile.DMKZ has found the inspiration that will lead him to create a name in the scene of eletronicdance music all over the globe thanks to his particular sound. "Now I feel it's time to comeback, sharing the love I have for this and feeling the connection I miss from other peoplethrough art. That's the moment to feel alive again". These are the words of the artist who,after having found his way, is ready to conquer the world with his unique music.

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