DJ Superior (NL)

Between 1993 and 1996 he was considered to be the best bubbling DJ and in the years that followed his career soared as he did pre-shows for famous artists such as Tim Dog, Lords of the Underground, Cypress Hill, Das Efx and Naughty by Nature. By 1997 he was hosting a popular radio show called SunFM. He continued his career by launching national artists (from the Netherlands) and managed for them to gain International fame. He is also the DJ for the Ghetto Zouk Super Stars: Nelson Freitas, Quatro Plus, Johnny Ramos(Kora Award Nominee) and Chelsy Shantel. In 2005 he was rocking the crowd across the globe namely; MTV Base Luanda (Angola), Relica Creations Summer Boat Cruise (Bostaon, USA), Festisumbe (Angola), Zouk-Kizomba Festival (Portugal) and Superbock Festival (Portugal). Besides being a disc jockey he is currently also a music video producer. With his own label "Superior Productions" he produces video's for different artists. He did 'Played out record' for Chelsy Shantel, 'Boa Sorte' and 'Amor Perfeito' which were filmed in Portugal. Boa Sorte became the most requested video on the Portuguese Television.
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