DJ Salah ()

A multi-cultured passionate creative who, for the last 23 years, has shined in the field of music and design, working with and alongside a number of high profile international and regional creative agencies, clients, brands, artists, venues, and labels. His hunger and professionalism has delivered across to his musical career as well. An experience of Salah’s magical sets is one that remains with you for days, weeks and months. It’s from within his passionate soul that he reaches out, with a style of music that spans deep - house - groovy - electronica - techno - acid - disco - dub - abstract beats and pieces that 
GET UNDER YOUR SKIN; a truly experienced versatile style that never fails to infect the listener with a 
dirty groove. Born and raised in Bahrain he developed his skills from the very young age of 14, performing at the infamous “Tameem” night club, varied underground gigs, which led to him becoming the weekend resident DJ at “Likwid” Bahrain (starting 1999) which developed to running his own nights and brands on the island and in the region. Gradually building a repertoire that was noted in Amsterdam, from where he developed his sound further with the start of his exposure to the international scene.
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