DJ Kluun (NL)

Raymond van de Klundert (1964), shortly Kluun, worked for years as a strategist in the advertising world. In 2003 he made his debut (sold 1.2 million copies in 30 countries translated) with his book “Stricken” or better known as “Komt een vrouw bij de dokter”, followed by Widower (700 000 copies sold) in 2006. In between, Kluun wrote “Help, I've gotten my wife pregnant!” (2004), a pregnancy book for expectant fathers, and he founded Nightwriters. His columns were compiled as Klunen (2008). In 2009, Stricken was made into a movie starring Carice van Houten. In the 2011 “Beetles” appeared. Kluun is currently working on a new novel “DJ”, which was published in spring 2014. Recently KLUNEN2 was released, the nicest columns and stories of the past five years; about football, women, fatherhood and cheating. This is the novel Kluun’s impressive army of fans eagerly awaits. Patience is rewarded: DJ is a shameless novel, about a Dutch DJ who during the peak of his fame lands in a rollercoaster. Thorwald van Gestel, DJ Thor, is the number two DJ in the world. Kluun, who has been friends with Thor since their time at college, gets from a Dutch television producer the task to interview Thor in the city where he celebrates his successes: Las Vegas. Thor’s effigy hangs at the sixth floor of the Seven Wonders Hotel, where he’s the resident DJ. When Kluun decides to go to Burning Man with Thor, where Thor is seen as a symbol of what is wrong with the EDM scene according to dance-enthusiasts , just freed from the straitjacket in which its management put him, he dives into the cocaine. Back in Las Vegas, he turns out to be the center of a sex scandal which the world is talking about. To escape the tabloids, he goes into hiding with Kluun in Amsterdam. Who sees his apartment change into a twenty-first-century Achterhuis. Thorwald confiscates his socks, his vodka and even the sprinkles. What Thor does not know is that Kluun has been jealous of his success for thirty years and has a very different agenda in mind. A story full of dance, drugs, lust, deceit and deception.
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