DJ José (NL)


Energizing, talented and able to reinvent himself continually: Jose is a true crack in the field of dance music.

His reputation of producing consecutive hits, both on his own and in collaboration with others, has brought him fame worldwide. Jose has become a familiar face in both the Dutch and international club scene, and is in great demand for many major events.

Jose has his own unique contemporary style derived from a smorgasbord of music genres. He has a knack for creating an identifiable groove, which is accessible without being commercial.

With so many years experience, Jose is able to easily read his audience. He understands that the dance music of the nineties (with the focus mainly on pace) has evolved into a deeper sound: people are looking for more subtle tones, salient vocals and energetic tracks. Jose is determined to take his audience on a journey by maintaining communication with the crowd from his DJ booth, and relentless evaluation of his own work

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