Dipole (UA)

It is extremely hard to imagine the world surrounding us without constantly evolving information technology, that propels our civilization towards multilateral development and existence in harmony. It is even harder to imagine contemporary society without those navigating these technologies, setting the course, solving complex problems and inspiring those around us. A music project introduced here exposes these qualities in their true essence and is represented by a charming Ukrainian lady, a DJ-producer Dipole. Voicing the latest trends in music, Dipole prefers techno, house and trap music, expanded and complemented with her own compositions. Nataly's very first experiments were very well regarded by industry pundits, while her excellent taste and feeling for the "hot" bits are being used not only across dancefloors of Ukraine and the sunny Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Egypt, Tunisia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, China, but also in the avant-garde of Ukrainian techno-scene: by now a cult recording label "Indeks Music". Dipole works as an A&R manager of a company helping national and international artists succeed and achieve recognition similar to Antoine Caesar, Timur Valiev, Andrei Fiber, Muteloser, Vadim Lankov, Egor Boss, Mostklik etc. releases that played by titans of techno scene such as Richie Hawtin, Alex Bau, Ellen Allien, Alan Fitzpatrick, DJ Yellow, Masuki, Marco Dassi, Darin Epsilon, Oliver Klein, Paco Osuna, Mike Wall, Kiko Martinez, Someone Else, Dole and Kom, Lars Sommerfeld, Xpansul, Laurent Garnier and many others.
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