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DJ DIO started his career in 1992, entering quickly a new generation of Chinese electronic music DJs. Today, this experience of 25 years as a DJ not only made him a unique conductor of electronic music in China, but it also witnessed the creation of his own music world. In these times of fast changes and rapid circulation of information, DIO managed to immerge himself in the old days, while in parallel continuously ride the wind. He adjusted his style, innovating constantly, creating magnificent and astonishing timbres. Because he always practices what he preaches: "I respect my work and I respect the dancefloor". He was one of the founder of the "LOUTES" events back in 1999. Later, he established the "MORSE" parties, and eventually he created the massive "YEN" parties. Every music event brand that he launched or participated in featured very different music styles. He always manages to grasp the latest and most representatives melodies, and he knows how to use them to convey his own personal feelings. There is simply no music that DIO cannot carry under his arm and bring his unique color and rythm. With an outstanding capacity for mastering and logical thinking, he manages to create coherence from a surge of emotions, by taking them under his control while he pieces them together in the most perfect experience. And it is also for these reasons that, after so many years, he stands at the forefront of the electronic music scene in China. From the old days of progressive house, to the complex melodies and rythms of today, he can rely on the sharpest feelings to catch the most dancing rythms. What he gives to you is not only the newest, but also what will touch your heart and soul the most. DIO's music must be experienced live! 25 years of craftmanship, it doesn't matter what scene, or how many people in audience. His music is like a clear chain of moutains, uninterrupted and fascinating, where there will always be an unknown and pleasant surprise to explore. And it is this surprise that will take you into DIO's music world. Wherever you are, if he is behind the DJ-desk, he will always have a way to take you in and to make you forget everything else. He is a pure DJing guide to electronic music, of unique skills, who already surpassed himself many times during many years. He created the legend of Chinese electronic music, DJ-set after DJ-set, sharing the stage with dozens of big international names and shaking the earth with sonic booms. It is him who established and inspired the early beginnings of the electronic music scene in China already several times, and in the forthcoming years, he will do it again, pursuing his incomparable mastering of music and taking us to explore further the wonderful world of dance music. Relaxed, confident and similing, DJ Dio is among those who possess forever the symphony of the DJ set in their heart. Because the soul of his music comes from himself, based on the purest love, he can bring the deepest feelings to the most technical rythms, and transmit it magically from the turn-tables to the dance floor. Beyond pop songs or classics, he makes people hear and not forget. China's most brillant Dio'style of construction of dance music, you will only feel it if you experience it personally.
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