Dinant van Tongeren (NL)

Dinant was born with a passion for music and from the age of 15 he started buying and mixing house vinyl. After he had built up a nice collection of vinyls, he got his first bookings in his hometown Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. After a year he became a resident DJ of the biggest club in Gelderland (a province in the Netherlands) called Plaza Di Christo. During this residency, the real adventure started for Dinant and he started playing on gigs in the whole country and across the border. He had permanent residences at several organizations and clubs in Germany and in 2005 he dropped his first release and many more followed. While having multiple gigs during the weekends, Dinant came to a drastic end of his DJ career in November 2009 when he became involved in a major car accident. After 3 years of rehabilitation and having stopped his DJ career, Dinant returned in 2015 and how! With a big interview in the official DJMAG magazine, his come back was announced and he immediately dropped his new EP which received strong support from some big names in the scene. From the moment onwards, Dinant is fully back producing techno and tech-house and the number of bookings increased. Dinant preforms now every weekend within Holland and across the border! He has also been A&R manager of techno label Creationz Black since August 2018, which he runs with his good friend DJ and producer Too Much Coffee. The aim of the Creationz Black label is to support new techno talent, who get a chance to present themselves in the global techno scene with high-quality music. Creationz Black stands for solid techno with a melodic twist. Their slogan well represents that feeling: ‘’We bring the unexpected and we want to share it with you!!’’ #believeandtrustintechno
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