Dinamarca (SE)

Stockholm based Dinamarca is as chairman of the cutting edge label STAYCORE a culture crossing legend. With his Latin and Caribbean invaded club music, he creates an extremely fresh new era in underground club culture. Dinamarca defines STAYCORE’s intense, activating sound; mixing trance, reggaeton, kuduro, gabber, nostalgia and futurism. Holy teeters close to the edge of gabber and hardstyle. This kind of speed and intensity is only a notch or two higher than the Caribbean party music you’ll hear on the radio in New York. Dominican dembow tends to brush 150 BPM, and merengue can easily exceed drum & bass tempos. That might be why these rhythms feel so natural alongside distorted kick drums and saw-wave synths, as is the case on the EP’s killer title track. “DINABLAM,” a collaboration with Berlin-based producer Kablam, is the most psychotic cut here. It’s a wild, gabber-dancehall hybrid that smacks of early Bong-Ra or Kid606, though the plucked strings give it a distinctly 2016 feel. Where that one’s likely to clear all but the most adventurous dance floors, “Señal” is comparatively easygoing, with a sparse groove and smart drum programming. The high production values rarely dip across the release, from the rave synths to the percussion and sub-bass. Dinamarca’s deft mixing makes all of the sharp textures and high-speed rhythms feel that much more approachable.’
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