Dimitri J ()

Dimitri J is a DJ & Producer. Started his carrier in Belgrade 2013 leading one of the most successful party brands of Balkan. Collaboration with almost all major clubs in Belgrade as well as top Serbian and international artist, gave him a much bigger perspective of music scene which lead him to create his own unique style and focus even more on his own music. Dimitri J has been supported and recognized for his creative sets and outstanding energy that he can easily transfer to audience and create boiling atmosphere whether it’s a club or a festival venue. Dimitri’s unique sets are combination of pure house, groovy tech and melodic sounds that audience loves. From Belgrade’s resident nights and national gigs, his carrier lead him to international level in 5 countries so far: Poland, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. One of his major accomplishments is playing at the European best major festival – EXIT in 2019. In order to go beyond and push music industry forward, in 2018 he founded, now well known, Time Code music company which produces fresh & new musical space in the form of exclusive events at unique locations with top tech, house and deep artists, Time Code TV, Time Radio etc. Time Code gain huge international support from Be-At TV, Dance TV as well from big artist names. As the resident DJ of Time Code he got huge support from tech scene, including DJs, producers, media and audience. His motto is: It’s not who you choose to be, it’s about who you create to be.
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