David Carretta (FR)

French pioneer of Electroclash in the early 90's, David Carretta produce hard edged electro, analogue techno and retro-futuristic synth workouts. 25 years on since his debut release Carretta is still at his creative best. David Carretta is a modern techno producer who paradoxically draws its roots in the best of the 1980s. On “Nuit Panic”, his first solo album the last ten years, the incisive and hypnotic melodies of "Visage" and "Prince de la cuite", interpreted by David, or "Dark Candies" sung by the Berlin artist Aga Wilk, point his obsession with the Italo Disco style and the seductive tones of the synth-pop of New Order or Depeche Mode. The martial beats and hypnotic synth lines of "Come Here Come Down", "Destination l'amour" or "En cas d'urgence", recall the electronic cold and percussive sound of the Electronic Body Music introduced by Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb, a music fed by the nihilism of punk and the metallic sounds of the industrial music.
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