Dave H (NL)


Dave H had early in the 90’s his first connection with electronic music, at this time it was Trance music. A couple of years later he was getting into deep house, until he discorvered progressive house, like Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J. They were a big influence and inspiration in every single way!

Woodstock 69 in the Netherlands was his first live contact with there amazing music style. He will never forget that experience and the friendly people he met there, which became his friends for a lifetime. Progressive house is his destination and the sound he plays and loves!

He likes spheric, groovy, melodical and sometimes some stronger tracks impulsively, but never too hard or monotone. A Track has to catch him with something.
He uses organic sounds in the style of the famous All Day Dream label mostly at the beginning to try to build a nice journey, but he also sometimes plays some melodic techno tunes.

He is resident by XBeat Radio where has his own show Progressive Pearls each 3rd Thursday every month.
Furthermore, he is also a resident by Sugar Beats (Germany), does Guest mixes for Different Brands like Saturo Sounds (Great Britain), Progresivna Suza (Serbia), Night Grooves (Netherlands), The Future is Now (Belgium), Unity (Hungary), Droid9 Label showcase (USA), Not by Rituals (Sri Lanka) and Puntania Groove (Argentina).

He did play at different events in Germany, including a big open air on a castle near the German Limburg and some nice private parties in the Netherlands.
Keep an eye on Dave, because there is much more to come in the near future.

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