Dauphin Åka (NL)

Dauphin Åka is an Amsterdam based Techno DJ. He is one of the residents of Amsterdam's legendary Techno Tuesday Amsterdam at Melkweg Amsterdam. Further he performed among other things at Lief Festival (Utrecht), Geheime Liefde (Utrecht), Edit Festival (Haarlem), KRAFT Amsterdam, Paradiso (Amsterdam), PIP (The Hague), Panama (Amsterdam), Poema RAW (Utrecht), Westerunie (Amsterdam), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), Treibhaus (Glöwen), Decadance! (Gent). His specific taste for deep Techno forms the backbone of his sound. Building his sets in layers, containing raw grooves, warm baselines, spheric percussion and heavy kicks. Since April 2013 he started to perform with a four decks set up, which makes it possible for him to unfold the musical journey in endless ways. During the last few years Dauphin Åka got interested in producing Techno. This new direction has influenced him as a performing artist as well and it resulted in a solid and own sound. His first track is on the ADE 2018 release of InDeep'n'Dance Records. More releases will follow.
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