Dauer State aka Maxxi (CN)

A Yunnan native born in the lush mountains of Dali, Dauer State aka Maxxi is truly devoted to the planning, creation and promotion of underground party culture. With a childhood background in rock and a foundation in drumming Dauer State aka Maxxi has been organising parties and DJ'ing for well over a decade truly immersed in the underground scene. Dauer State aka Maxxi has been a pivotal force in the progression of electronic music culture most notably in Yunnan but also in China as a whole. Since 2002 he has played in all of China's notable festivals and venues to date. Dauer State aka Maxxi remains an indispensable warm up DJ to big acts whose tours land them in Kunming and at VERVO club & bar has opened for the likes of: SCHWIPP&SCHWAPP, BLENDE, DUB PHIZIX&STRATEGY, ROB HES,TIM HOEBEN, MIKE RAVELLI, KAMARA, SATOSHI FUMI, ELECTRIC RESCUE, SODEYAMA, NINETOES, REBECCA, EDDIE RICHARDS, MIKAEL JONASSON, ANETHA, ACRONYMN, THE YELLOWHEADS and many more. “I am very pleased to be able to attend ADE 2017 as a representative of China, Yunnan and VERVO club & bar and am grateful for this platform to be able to express the way I play music. Hopefully this will further widen the doorway for many more artists into Kunming, Yunnan. I look forward to making many new friends and hearing lots of great music.” 云南本土实力DJ。昆明VERVO Club&Bar创始人、主理人。 一直专注于策划、打造本土专业电子派对潮流文化。 自小接触摇滚音乐学习架子鼓,2000年开始接触电子音乐,2002年开始涉及了解、学习电子音乐。时至今日已经成长成为一名全能的PARTY制造者。在这十余年中,努力通过各种渠道了解全国乃至更大范围的电子音乐派对文化及潮流方向,努力调整改进自己的DJ技术及培养对电子音乐文化的素养,逐渐形成了自己的音乐体会。在一个相对音乐文化比较匮乏和闭塞的地区,全心全意的投入到电子音乐世界中,并努力搭建本地的Party文化氛围,使之在本地区一直拥有固定的Party场所,及稳定并逐渐发展的受众,为本地电子音乐文化的根基及推广起到了决定性的作用。 
Live house策划出生的他,对现场效果的把控及受众的身心感受都具有较强的掌控能力,能恰当、积极的调动现场音乐气氛,增加音乐和人群的互动,最大限度的使人群参与在其中。 
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