Daouda Leonard (US)

Speaker (CreateSafe)

Daouda Leonard is the co-founder and CEO of CreateSafe, a GenAI music creation and distribution platform, whose work transcends the boundaries of conventional music industry paradigms. With a profound commitment to artist empowerment, his approach is rooted in the principles of transparency, consent, education, and holistic development.

As a seasoned professional in music production and creative direction, Daouda has honed his skills in nurturing and developing artistic talent, ensuring that the artists he works with are not only seen and heard but also economically empowered. His unique blend of technological prowess and deep understanding of the creative process allows him to foster environments where artists can truly thrive.

Equally adept in the realms of meditation and Yoga, Daouda’s philosophy is underpinned by intentional breathing and African centered spiritual culture. This holistic approach ensures that his work is not only effective but also nurturing and sustainable. In every endeavor, Daouda Leonard embodies the spirit of innovation and empathy, tirelessly working to create a world where artists are fully supported and celebrated in their creative journeys.

Daouda has contributed to albums that have generated over 15 billion global media impressions, sales, and streams for artists such as Grimes, DJ Snake, Skrillex, Lady Gaga, Vince Staples, Drake, Justin Bieber, KanYe West, The Weeknd, and The Notorious B.I.G.

He is also a 2021 Billboard Music "Change Agent" and a Rolling Stone 2021 "Future 25" honoree.

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