Daniel Westenberg (NL)

Daniel Westenberg is known for his broad vision on the entire spectrum of that what seems to come straight from the heart and belongs where dance music started ... the underground club scene, warm pure with all the elements of the highest quality possible, no compromises made! His sound, contagious and irresistible, will find a way to purists yearning for that what seems to be lost in the Dutch dance scene How to describe a dj set of Daniel :how can one describe a house full of good spirited people oozing unbrightled joy, warmth and pleasure... Pay attention this is where the recipe starts: As a base one needs a touch of Spice maybe spicy but not too sharp around the edges, a bit of Berlin soaked bass elements, silky and smooth, next you will drench this mixture with tasteful "soundscapes" ...The last but most important ingredient can only be obtained by undergoing one of the maestro's sessions at a club near you, thats all there is to it. Shows done/residencies: Pacha (Rotterdam), Nope is Dope (maassilo), Respect Festival, Supperclub (Amsterdam), Cue Bar, Avenue, The Mezz! some of the names that daniel teamed up with nation wide include the following artists :Tiesto, Marco V, Dj Jurgen, Mark van Dalen, Sebatian Leger, Kabal und Liebe, Egbert, Phill weeks and technasia to name a few.
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