Dandy Digital (SE)

At the tender age of 9 Anders world started rotating in a new direction, this heappend at summercamp when he heard music by Kraftwerk and similar artists for the first time. This made him enter the neverending search for higher musical kicks and finding his future favourite sounds, sounds and melodies that exists but are hidden for him. The existance of all the sounds he loves and wants to love is his main and primal urge. In 1997 the vinylcollecting took off, and in a matter of months he was spreading and sharing his obsession through turntables at clubs and parties around Stockholm. Regnbågsrummet the club, and Pär Grindvik the friend became Anders true mentors and guidelines in how to take a crowd on a long journey through sound. A decade later, many recidencys at the most upfront underground clubs and many more influences Anders is one of the most trustable and eclectic DJ´s Sweden has to offer. His own productions are about to take on a good shape, so look out for them in a near future.
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