Damian Kozak (NL)

Speaker (Fangage)

Damian Kozak seamlessly blends his hospitality expertise with a fervent passion for fan experiences, shaping a captivating career. From joining the groundbreaking fan engagement platform Fangage in 2021 to its acquisition by Triller, his journey has epitomized innovation, dedicated to empowering creators and reshaping audience connections.

Beginning in hospitality, Damian honed his skills in orchestrating unmatched guest experiences at events. His management role in the groundbreaking ticketing platform Paylogic (See Tickets) kindled his zeal for fan engagement, fostering immersive experiences resonating deeply with audiences.

Further, Damian's extensive work as Operations Director at Airbnb-backed tech platform Tiqets honed his knack for curating seamless, unforgettable encounters using technology. A pivotal point was his collaboration with DJ Sam Feldt and Nick Velten, culminating in a fan engagement platform Fangage that harnessed his accumulated expertise.

Following the acquisition, Damian now leads Fangage as the CEO, heralding a new era of creator and artist growth. Awarded Most Influential CEO 2023 (Fan Engagement), his visionary role in revolutionizing fan dynamics stands validated.

In his current capacity, Damian leverages his insights into hospitality, technology, and fan psychology to craft strategies bridging the creator-fan gap. Under his guidance, Fangage thrives as a trailblazer in cultivating genuine connections and relationships.

Beyond his career, Damian is a dedicated father of two, a CrossFit enthusiast, embodying the healthy lifestyle he champions. Committed to innovation, service, and personal growth, Damian Kozak inspires those striving to infuse passion into every facet of life.

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