Daan Oomen (NL)

Speaker (Live Legends)
Daan Oomen is the creative director and co-founder of Live Legends and CEO of Live Legends Asia, operating in 26 countries worldwide on an annual base. Live Legends creates legendary live experiences in all its facets, bringing inspiring content and cutting edge technology together: from tailor-made show creation, set, stage, and lighting design, video content, experience architecture and more – for concerts, theater, television, high-end clubs, festivals, eSports, congresses and corporate live events. His China-adventure started in 2007 when he was the lighting- and setdesigner for an award-winning Chinese theater production and enrolled in Chinese show business. Since 2012 more and more design requests came from China and Asia, such as Chinese Idol and different theater productions along the Chinese east coast, but also western companies like Tommy Hilfiger for their brand release in China and corporate events in Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. His creative studio also completely designed Myth Festival in Shanghai, one of the first real dance-festivals in China. The last 3 years Live Legends has been working on the whole design of the award-listing One Third and OT nightclubs in Beijing, Kunming, Hangzhou and more to come – from the experience architecture and interior design, to the implementation, show production and training the local staff in the clubs. The company is currently creating a complete new festival IP in Thailand, China and Korea and will soon uncover a new legendary live experience in the heart of Asia.
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