Dävid (NL)


David Hulsken (Small Solar System Body) has positioned himself at the cutting edge of today’s rapidly evolving Techno scene. With his different aliases he’s creating different styles, from the Detroit/Dub/Ambient techno sound to driving techno.
Besides his DJ sets, David’s wild musical heart really starts to show in his live performances, which can be described as utterly mind blowing. His intricate set-up of analog synths, drum computers, machines and controllers are breathtaking just to look at. This combined with David’s inexhaustible energy, the affable gearhead can take up complete control of a crowd, taking them to that perfect sweet spot like few artists can. It's because the most important thing for David is to create a lasting connection with the crowd in front of him, one that lingers long after the last beat has been played.

David’s hard work has been recognised and rewarded with several gigs at Café d’Anvers, Studio 80, Paradigm, Basis, Paradiso, Loveland and two full tours in Japan. On top of this there a lot of upcoming Dävid releases and his album on Orlando Voorn’s NightTripper that just came out. The coming years will be dedicated to release a lot more.

Small Solar System Body // Dävid // David Hülsken

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