Cut It Dub (NL)

DJ Vette Mette & Mc Pauluz are Cut It Dub, a dub/reggae live performance act. These guys are rocking stages, festivals, and clubs for more then 4 years. Live often with percussion and/or trompet/sax, its always fresh and crispy. Leaning on the gold age of dub, combined with the newest and the hottest tracks around, they are armed to the teeth to give the people a experience of dub wise! Vette Mette is a veteran as a selector in de Amsterdam Reggae scene, and still going strong. Mc Pauluz is a singer/songwriter/studio owner/ who has found his niche by improvising over the selections of his partner in crime Mette. They love to manipulate the sounds with delays and special effects, you can call them the strangers in our midst, but they have got respect from the scene just by doing what they do. Currently they are making a fresh new track which is gonna be released during ADE 2016!
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