Crossbow (US)


With a fierce passion for music, Crossbow has quickly asserted herself as a force to be
reckoned with behind the decks. With each gig, she proves her ability to weave together
energetically dynamic sets, taking the audience on a journey through light and dark,
tension and release. Born and raised in a small town in Vermont, she has adapted
quickly to the dance music culture, proving that someone from any background can
contribute positively to the scene. Her performance travels include visits to Los Angeles,
San Diego, Pittsburg, Boston, and soon to Vancouver, Philadelphia and San Francisco.
She brings her contagious positivity wherever she goes, making an impression on those
who witness her in action.

In the studio, she’s always working hard to turn out high quality and unique productions.
The nature of her sound centers around knocking and spacious kick drums, dramatic
synth riffs, evolving pads and grooving drum patterns; carefully blending together
uplifting and moody elements. Her music has been featured on high profile labels such
as Codex, Set About, IAMT and soon too Respekt. Artists Spartaque, Metodi Hristov,
Danny Avila, Roberto Capuano and T78 have been keen to support her music within
their sets.

From her childhood joy for singing and playing guitar, her love for music has evolved
into an unstoppable urge to create and share Techno for the world to enjoy. She is
determined to motivate others with similar interests to follow their passions and dreams.
She hopes to serve as a positive role model, showing that hard work and a kind heart
really does pay off!

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