Copan Kasten (HK)

Copan Kasten is a Hong Kong based DJ, born and raised in Hong Kong with a rather unconventional background for a musical entertainer, hailing from an intellectual family background, his father being an M.B.A. professor and family members all graduates of university. Copan falls short on society’s expectations and was the only one who did not achieve higher levels of education beyond secondary school, his family did not see this as an obstacle, instead supported Copan’s decisions to find what truly makes him happy. Education has never been the passion for Copan, to live under the shadow of his family can easily blind his true passion in life, and music has never been a puzzle in his life, until an impromptu class of DJ-ing introduced him into the circle of electronic dance music and DJ-ing that has since become the centre of his life. Many assume Copan to be a “gwai-jai” (Anglo background) but don’t let his appearance fool you, with an American and Taiwan background, Copan is fluent in both Chinese and English, Copan has gained insight with both cultures making him a double threat! Copan’s music style reciprocates, with an exciting fusion of Trap, Bass and Hip Hop, Copan is still in the process of polishing his act and style, all in the hopes of bringing more variety and fresh sounds to the industry and of course to the music lover all around the world. Wishing for everyone to get as excited to see one of his performances as he was when he first got in touch with EDM trying to catch all his favorite DJs’ live sets. Going to one of Copan’s show, you are guaranteed a hyped up crowd driven by the excitement of the music, a multi-genre music setlist that suits everyone’s taste and of course the best time of your life! Signed exclusively to Pomo Entertainment, you can find Copan Kasten in Club Cubic, with his remarkable career achievements, supporting big name DJs such as Armin Van Burren, Nicky Romero and Malaa, and about to set out to major clubs in China, Macau and Hong Kong. In the hopes that one day he will reach such status, and inspire his audience such as Makj has once inspired him to create a music style to call his own. You’ll never have guessed with such astounding achievements that Copan Kasten is just 19 years of age!
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