Claire Morgan (AU)

Claire Morgan inhabits a refreshingly dynamic space in the music world. Extraordinary range, taste and skill shine in a myriad of DJ settings, from laying down electro and booty at Berlin’s renowned underground fetish parties to ambient odysseys in cathedrals, to ten-hour sets at the other cathedral, Berghain, armed with the full spectrum of colourful and adventurous techno. Her skills were honed in Australia, influenced by the sunshine, surf and freewheeling party spirit of her home country, but it’s in the techno capital that her formidable style and sharp instincts have come into their own. Shifting gears effortlessly between techno, acid, trance, breakbeat and classic rave, Claire delivers a fluid, fierce and stomping dancefloor experience that forges a soulful connection between genres and creates a journey that is complex, intelligent and deeply cathartic. “Morgan’s mixing is tight and assured. Even when the music is heart-in-mouth intense, her transitions are like an outstretched hand in a dark room: You grab on, hold tight, and plunge ahead into the fray.” — Philip Sherburne, Pitchfork Claire began her musical life as a composer, performing her first original piano piece at age 11 at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. She went on to study orchestral composition and work as a professional film and TV composer in Sydney. This background has nurtured a deep affinity for melody, harmonic progression and moody soundscapes, even on a peaktime dancefloor, and is perhaps why her mixes have such a cinematic quality, with narrative arcs and a sense of drama augmenting the impeccable track selection and uncanny vibe control. In 2018 Claire released her first solo ambient track “Inexorably” on Berlin imprint The Zeitgeist, opening an exciting new chapter in her remarkable career, where she works in the studio as much as in the booth to bring her worlds together and forge a musical language that is all her own.
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