Cisco de Sol (ZA)


Making waves in the music industry with his magical sound, which has led him to travel through the cosmos conquering the borders in the spirit of music. Well known as Cisco De Sol aka “The Beijinger ” a name aptly acclaimed through his debut successful tour in Asia. Born and raised in Johannesburg; the South African music producer and Dj has been making music since the age of 14. He’s slowly but surely been climbing the ladder and is definitely on his way to the top. Having released EP’s with established Record labels such as: Ocha Records (New York), Streamin Music (Netherlands) and DM recordings (UK), he can only grow further as he continues to explore and wow music lovers and label A & R executives across the board. His recent EP “Beijing” which was released through New York imprint Ocha Records, was inspired by the same Asian tour that earned him the “Beijinger” nickname and was vastly influenced by his experience of the sights, music and culture, and it went on to top the charts on numerous digital music platforms. Cisco has also shared the “Ultra Hong Kong”stage with the techno Goddess “Nina Kraviz and Carl Cox, to name but a few. Due to his talent, passion and perseverance he continues to rise and shine in a Jungle where only being unique and special allows one to stand out.

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