Chilly Mox (US)

Chilly was born in New York City. While he was raised in the big apple he spent much of his early years traveling the world and spent the better part of his childhood working and experiencing the world of recording studios, festivals, and music venues while still a young teen. All of which lead him to his deep passion of House and electronic music. His sound and approach to making music is very versatile with influences from every genre translating to classic house, tech house, techno and various electronic sub genre. However, his specific approach to melodies and grooviness are always recognizable through every composition. Chilly's rise in the underground scene started in Brooklyn and lead to a collaboration with co-founder DESNA to Risky Business Presents, an events organizer and promoter group, always on tour in North America, Europe, and Asia. The brand continues to grow and expand into new markets every year and is a growing force around the world. His acute passion for the craft is felt through and lives in his intricate DJ sets, podcasts, and musical concepts on stage and in the studio. Spreading love, peace, and community through music is chilly's greatest mission in life.
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