Chidi Onwuka ()

Chidi Onwuka belongs to the expanding group of cross-cultural gypsies: born in one country with parents from another. The often amusing tensions caused by this condition have informed his views on architecture, design, photography, and storytelling. An architect (OMA, Neutelings, West 8) turned writer/editor, storyteller and photographer, is a keen observer of the world around us. His writings include contributions to the S,M,L,XL dictionary, Mosaics, Harvard Design Magazine, JA+U, Cosmpolitan, Vogue, Advertising Age, Ambit, and has recently co-authored Just Like Anne, a children’s book inspired by the life of Anne Frank. Past photography exhibitions were Hand Jobs & Other Stories (portraits of the working hand) and Now We Are Gone (a visual meditation in condemned buildings). In between writing and taking pictures, Chidi spends time telling intricate tales at the Mezrab.
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