Che Leader (US)


Ché Leader is an MC & Producer under the name Rivibes. He is managed in the states by Fractal
Alliance and is also a part of American Based label ‘Spicy Bois’ since releasing “Link Up” with ION (2020)
and has a forthcoming single with Chompa coming out on the Infamous 'Circus Records' this April
(2022) before returning to the states for his second tour. Ché also has a side house music project with
DNB producer Martial Taktics that is set to launch this year. Ontop that, Ché is a Recording Engineer at
“The Blue Studios” in Dalston, as well as being an accessibility consultant for the newly established
business “Clockwork Music”.
Personal visual impairment inspired Ché to explore the difficulties and solutions that are associated
with disabilities in the music industry. The start of his journey into accessibility began whilst studying
for his degree at dBs Music in Bristol, he specifically focused on accessible features that could be used
to aid the visually impaired. This research led to the development of a prototype that allowed one to
perform electronic music without relying on the use of visual stimuli. The initial concept was developed
on a program called Max 4 Live which is a programming application that enables you to create tools
and effects to use within the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Ableton. After experimenting, it became
apparent that hand gestures could be used to control, manipulate and transform audio in an entirely
new and more accessible way. Gestural controlled audio then become the focal point for this
innovation. A patch to include the Leap Motion controller was then implemented into the design of
this project, as the infrared camera could be used to track the user's hand movements which allowed
gestures to be mapped to commands within the DAW.

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