Ché Leader (GB)

Speaker (Rivibes)

Ché Leader is a London-based artist who goes under the name Rivibes. Managed in the USA by Fractal Alliance, the alias Rivibes has quickly built a name in America since releasing its debut track “Link Up” with ION (2020) on the label Spicy Bois. 2022 has seen Ché release on a variety of labels including the infamous Circus Records which put out ‘Different Sound’ By Chomppa & Rivibes last April. Ché is also a freelance recording engineer at east London's "Blue Studios" alongside producer Martial Taktics & Engineer Dub Dave. Ché has also recently announced that he and Dion Mason are launching their anticipated new urban duo 'Lesswrdz' at the start of 2023.

Personal visual impairment inspired Ché to explore the difficulties and solutions that are associated with disabilities in the music industry. The start of his journey into accessibility began whilst studying for his degree at dBs Music in Bristol, he specifically focused on accessible features that could be used to aid the visually impaired. This research led to the development of a prototype that allowed one to perform electronic music without heavily relying on the use of visual stimuli. The initial concept was developed with a Leap Motion controller on the program Max 4 Live.

Ché has spent the past three years focussing on accessibility within the music industry, by working on how to adapt music technology as well as making club environments more accessible to those with physical and visual needs. Ché’s journey into accessibility is only at the start, but he has a promising future ahead of him.

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