Charly Lownoise (NL)

Artist & Speaker
After hooking-up with Mental Theo in 1992, things went fast for Ramon, which is his civil name! Remember songs like: Wonderful Days, Stars, Hardcore Feelings and many more. Over eight years they travelled around the world spreading their Happy Hardcore sound. At the end of the ninetees and on the edge of a burnout, Charly was tired of the commercial sound and he started to experiment in the studio again, together with two oldtime friends, Frank and Marcel. Trying to build a bridge between trance and hardcore they released a few tracks under the names of Deepack. A new style was born. Nowadays the Hardstyle sound is a very popular movement for over fifteen years. Parallel at that time he was involved in projects like the ‘Bitte ein Beat!’cd-series in Holland and ‘Starsplash’ in Germany. After a ‘Sabbatical-year’ in 2005, in which he wrote his very own and personal book ‘Autobiography of a DJ’, which was released in Holland in 2007 and in Germany 2009, he’s busy DJ’ing again.
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