Caruan (IT)

Italian veteran artist ,over 20 years of dj-ing and passion for music, from Old school origins in constant evolution and research of sound never predictable, THESE are the main features of his Musical roots, love for vinyl and that which distinguishes the image of Caruan. His DJ sets ranging tying sounds from Chicago house, funky disco, to Techno Detroit, this mix of various genres he gives an imprint to his performance making it very interesting and engaging. The Special features of his sound is the ability to change from one musical genre to another with lot easier. Founder of Movement festival Croatia and currently is focus on his new project Deset music his new label after Greentech Music experience, Where the vision is to merge different sounds, genres and styles, from house to techno with all their facets, passing through disco, funk and jazz. A peculiarly irreverent mixture, with a predisposition for contemporary sounds with a lot of love for the old shool and enthusiasm for eclecticism.
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