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When DJ Mag catches up with Guatemalan trap sensation Carnage, the larger-than-life DJ is in the middle of his gruelling ‘Parental Advisory’ tour of North America. A self-confessed hip-hop head, he says that 2014 was “definitely the best year of my life”, and this was mainly due to the shows that he played. “Terminal 5 in New York was amazing, we sold it out in three hours. Club Cinema in Florida because the cops shut us down and I kept playing, and then Avalon [in LA] recently, which was one of my first shows on the tour,” he explains. Thanks to productions like ‘Bricks’ and his cover of ‘Big Spender’, Carnage’s popularity continues to increase, and this is also reflected in the size of the events he is performing at. Apart from sell-outs like the New York show, he says that the gigs are “getting bigger and bigger and it’s really crazy to watch them grow”. So he doesn’t think that there is any sign of EDM fatigue in the US? “I don’t think that we have hit the top and popped the bubble yet,” he observes. Irrespective of what happens, Carnage will continue to make and play music for his fans and seems unconcerned about the trappings of wealth and fame. “It has always been about the music first and the fans. I make music for people to enjoy,” he says. “The best thing about the whole thing is that I am getting paid to do what I love. All the fans want is the music and that’s what I am going to give them until I die.”
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