Carlijn Lindemulder (NL)

Carlijn Lindemulder lives and works in Amsterdam, where she combines her passion for sustainability, social awareness, music and events in her job as Sustainability Director at ID&T. Her responsibilities lie within making events greener, getting social projects involved and partnering with charity. Her mission is to inspire the visitors of events to embrace sustainable lifestyles. ID&T is a pioneer in the field of electronic music events and the brains behind national and international events such as Sensation, Mysteryland and Welcome to the Future. Besides working for ID&T; Carlijn is also founder and chairman of the board of 10,000 HOURS, a foundation promoting voluntary work amongst young people. Additionally she is co-founder of Open House an innovation and business accelerator for the event and music industry and advisory board member at The Good Family an initiative to support families in their journey towards a more sustainable (family) lifestyle. Mixing youth culture with social engagement has always been a thread running through Carlijn’s work. Prior to her job at ID&T, she was Managing Director of Coolpolitics, a foundation that promotes social and political awareness amongst young people. She has also been chairman of the board of the Nobel foundation, a project where people from the fields of communication, advertising and media developed creative project in order to tackle social issues.
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