Carabetta & Doons (US)

Music today materializes sounds from unbelievable sources to fuse cultures and limitless energies that captivate our ears, inspires our bodies to move and completely immerse audiences into fascination. The same can be described of Carabetta & Doons, Miami’s underground DJ duo, whose deep driving techno beats, flavored with distinct polyrhythmic elements, has seized the finely tuned ears of the underground faction in South Florida. Their budding following has propelled them into a number of noteworthy venues such as Heart Nightclub in Miami and Trade South Beach, in addition to international festivals such as The BPM Festivaland the widely-celebrated Groove Cruise. Most recently, their work in the studio has opened new doors with prominent record labels as they prepare to release their Hype Machine EP on Universal Records in 2017. It would be during Miami’s renowned Winter Music Conference back in 2003, that Doony Marrero, a Miami native, and Connecticut man Daniel Carabetta would find an indisputable chemistry on the decks. The distance was never a matter as they found commonalities in their life experiences and expressed them through sound. As they joined forces and grew together, not only did they tie two cultures from different sides of the world but gradually manifested into a recognizably spirited sound that pumps the crowds. This connection they bring to the music world is what sets the stage for marathon musical journeys that carry nights into mornings.What lies ahead for the duo we know not; but if their recent musical developments, ever-growing international demand, and continued attention from respected labels, is any indication of what the future holds for Carabetta & Doons, their story is far from over.
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