C.R.A.C.K.E.N ()


In a far far galaxy on a far far planet a monster of lava and
tentacles was born. Fruit of deranged experiments, the Mighty Octopus,
the Planet Slayer, the Squeeky Beast, the Sire of all Atrocities has
awoken and is travelling up and down the universe in search of truth and
meaning. Its desire for love became a need for destruction and chaos.

a legend has been foretold for centuries: "when confronted by the
Molten Beast ready to eat a world alive, only the grooviest opponents
have been granted life".

A group of fanatics still believe in the
coming doomsday. They gather in dark places at night to feast and dance
in honour of the Giant Squid, to the groove of the music! Fear not for
you will be shakin that booty as a tribute to the Cracken.

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