Buurman Van Dalen (NL)

My name is Buurman van Dalen and I live in Eindhoven (technocity). I’ve been producing for 15 years now, started in a few bands like Frontal Absence and Mikey and the Headphones. We had some live shows. But the last five years I really focused on my big love_ producing house music. Three years ago I ran into house legend Jaydee, most known for his house classic Plastic Dreams. Jaydee – Robin Albers – recognised something in my productions and was at that moment building his new label Streaming Music and First Impression. After three years with Jaydee as mentor – who thaught me a lot – several of my productions are published on mainly Straming Music and First Impression. I’m especially proud of the track Neon Dancer that I produced together with Jaydee ! Many of my tracks reappeared on Various Artists Releases from Ibiza, Berlin and Detroit labels. I’ve now had several tracks on a number one position in Top 100 All Tracks chats on DJTunes and I feel I’m really making myself known. Most of my productions are deephouse, but I like experimenting with oother styles, like techhouse trance, psytrance, progressive house and techno. I must have been about 12 when I first came in contact with house music. My uncle visited the then world famous IT in Amsterdam. I listened to the tapes he gave me and was sold immediately. Later I went to my first house party, Turn Up the Bass, that was awesome. I went on partying afterwards. I often went to clubs like the Danssalon, Escape and Zillion. But alse to the big parties like Thunderdome, Misteryland, Impulz, Sensation and great festivals like Lowlands and Rock Werchter. You know, when music touches me, I’m sold. And that can be any style ! I like the diversity of music and it gives new inspiration. If I had to name some bands and producers that shaped my style, I would say Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Mark Lanagan, Talk Talk , New Order , and New Wave and House Music in general. So, to come back to the question, music shaped me and will continue to shape me, because there is still great music being made.
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