Bungee (GB)

Bungee was in the British Army when he got hooked on DJing in the early 1990’s. The soldier he shared a room with had a pair of 1210’s, but only played D&B. Bungee started to beat match, then purchased his first two 12’ records. Within a few weeks he had started to fill a small record bag. A new venue opened in Colchester, his home base, they needed a DJ for the opening night so Bungee dropped off a cassette tape. He was chosen to play and went on to be their resident for the next 4 years, even though he was still touring with the British Army. Mixmag picked up on this and wrote to him asking if they could write an article about him, it was titled ‘The DJ without the Decks’. Bungee continued to play house and tech in London and the East of England. He has recently taken over the reins and promotion of a night called ‘Houseaholic’. These guys throw one mother of a party at the end of each year. Bungee is returning to ADE after his debut last year.
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