Boris Blank (CH)

Their most notable successes are BOSTICH (81) OH YEAH! (84) and THE RACE (88). Boris Blank’s first ever solo project was released October 2014. Over 3 hours of unreleased soundtracks from 1977-2014 presented in multi-media box-set titled ELECTRIFIED. Boris was born in 1952 in Zurich and never set out to be a rock musician. He never learned to play an instrument or read music. For him the world - whatever he heard, a motor, a clock - was still music. When Boris started recording in the 70s, the sampler didn’t exist. He collected sounds and carefully edited these into tape loops. He still uses this process today. Recently, he took this a stage further and designed the YELLOFIER app - a sampler sequencer for smart phones. He’s currently recording the new YELLO album.
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