Blondz (RU)

BLONDZ - international DJs, producers and fashion models. Originally from Moscow, they had their shows in more than 30 countries around the world. This great experience with their excellent technical skills, ability to rock the crowd and bright look make them one of the most wanted female DJs 2019! BlondZ are open format DJs who artistically mash up various music styles depending on event/audience. They always found new streams, sounds in other music genres and it makes their DJ sets very vivid, creative and unique. Having natural intuition in the electronic dance music and ability to perfectly feel the crowd, they are entrancing the audience by their greatly selected music with own mashups and remixes, fantastic energy, enormous charisma mixed with Russian beauty! This combination burns up dancefloors in different parts of the world. Sisters also produce their own tracks, have great MC skills and can arrange fashion show with fantastic feather hats.
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