Björn Störig (DE)

There are many musicians who decide to become DJs. Most of the time they remain musicians who are mixing music. With Björn Störig, this is different. He has always been both. When he is 13 he gets his first drum kit of his dad, who has played the drums for as long as Björn can remember. Soon after he starts DJing in his hometown of Brunswick. Now in 2011, Björn is back behind the decks more than ever, and also producing his own music and continuing to be the drummer of “The Koletzkis”. But let’s start from the beginning. Björn has always been influenced and inspired by rhythmic music. After playing the drums in various funk and rock bands in his teenage years, he gets his first pair of decks and a mixer at the age of 16. And it comes as no surprise then that he starts buying mostly hip-hop records and sticks with the broken beats throughout his first wave of DJing. His musical knowledge and collection rapidly advances into faster terrain and Björn can now be caught behind the decks at local clubs spinning UK breakbeat, jungle, drum’n’bass, hip-hop and 2step. It is here that Björn starts DJing together with Oliver Koletzki, rocking parties and becoming good friends. As in many times in life, people part and find each other again. The same goes for Björn’s friendship with Oliver. After Björn had spent six years in Cologne and is ready for a change of scenery, Oliver calls him up to recruit him as the drummer of his newly formed band and live outfit “The Koletzkis”. Björn says yes and starts touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland playing in prestigious clubs and live venues such as Watergate, Gebäude 9, Hive or the now-closed and legendary Bar 25. After the tour shows it is Björn who rocks the after-show parties with his DJ sets and it is then that he once again discovers the magic of playing records to a crowd. While his musical taste has shifted towards deep, melodic and rhythmic house music these days, also influenced by the sound of Cologne, Björn’s sets still have that element of surprise and you can feel the energy of the drummer inside him when he stands behind the decks. 2010 did not only see Björn take up DJing again, he started to produce his own music, too. His first release on Stil vor Talent, a remix of the Oliver Koletzki’s single “Strandbar Berlin” showcased his approach to house music, which is deep and groovy, while transporting a subtle element of funk. There is definitely more to come and expect from Björn this year and he is eagerly working on more remixes and his own productions. For now, he is already booked to DJ at various clubs around the country and with his band “The Koletzkis” he will also enter the festival circuit and play the renowned Melt! for the first time around. Björn is neither just a drummer nor just a DJ – he is the best of both worlds!
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