Bitse Sessie (NL)

Bitse Sessie, two guys who met each other studying in Utrecht, soon realized that they both had a huge passion for music, especially electronic music. They bought their own dj-gear and kept practicing until they had the proper skills to send their mix-tapes to clubs. In the beginning they were mostly playing at student parties, but after their first gig they were welcomed into the club-scene. The past couple of years they played at different venues around Holland. Bitse Sessie are residents for 'Pampus' (www.WAFT.nl) and 'Koekoek' (www.ClubKoekoek.nl). Their music is best described by a mix of electronic, house, techno and disco music. They mix it all up together, they will start up gently, but in the end let the sweat poor down from the roof. Feel free to listen to one of their sets on soundcloud or watch the promo video on the Youtube link above.
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