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Composer, singer and producer BIBI Provence, born the 24th February 1963 in Willemstad Curacao, began singing in the children's choir of her father Etzel Provence (well known musician and educator), shortly after she began taking piano lessons and music lessons at the local music school named CCC in curacao. She took a year of opera lessons from the guidance of renowned opera singer Bea van Acker in Belgium. Studied three years professional music, at the famous Berklee College of Music in the United States. BIBI Provence has made her start in the antilles as the first jazz singer on the antilles, where she had the honor to perform in the first Aruba's Jazz and Latin festival in 1986, and the first Curacao Jazz Festival. She has also acted in several local festivals, including the CURINFEST (Curacao International Festival) where she earned the title as best arranger with the song Smile she had written and arranged. And of course the festival in Barbados' Caribbean Song Festival "in 1993 where she represented Curacao and Aruba, with the song Curacao and won the second prize with that song. Furthermore, did mrs. Provence gotten several years consecutively the Galardon Vitrola (Grammy Award in Barcelona) as the best singer. BIBI performed mainly in all major concerts on Curacao and antilles. And in her period she worked at the Majestic Cruise Line "The Freewinds" on a cruise ship, she had the honor to work with grammy award winner Jazz pianist Chick Corea and children Thad Corea and Liana Corea and his wife Gayle Moran, but also with artists like gold platinum singer Maxine Nightingale, David Pomeranz (songwriter Barry Manilow), jazz pianist John Novello, ex-husband of Lisa Marie Presley bassist Danny Keough, Surinam's welllknown pianist and producer Sonny Khoeblal, guitarist Steven Gary, and guitarist Billy Jones. Has her first lp titled This time released, produced by David Ronchi Matthew, where she mainly wrote most of the songs herself. Shortly thereafter, she was prompted to write a song and arrange for Curacao's best accapella group Serenada, she wrote the song Nada, a ballad called tumba BIBI Provence that, where she has putten her jazz and antillean influence. The song was so loved by Eric Calmes Curacao bassist of the band Zamanakitoki that he recorded the song on his CD Wise guy sung by curacao's finest singer and composer Izaline Calister. She was featured on two songs Esctasy, and World confusion by the Production Masters.She got her first recording contract with American's guitarist and composer James "Jim" Kastner with CD WaterSense produced by American's producer Jeffrey Wood. which was published by Red Bullet in holland. The song Joy was 5 weeks consecutively number one on almost all local radio stations on curacao. Bibi was featured in the film with the song la calle of the american film The Brother from another planet, unfortunately, they had her name misspelled as Birbetta Provence. Was featured on the movie title song "Papa's Song" from the Antillean film Papa's song. She produced in 1994, her first cd titled Make up your mind, where she had the honor to play with trumpetist Michael Simon, and bassist Roy Louis.All the songs she had written, arranged and produced herself Then moved to the Netherlands to expand her musical career. In holland BIBI has performed in the bands, like, alternative band Yessireebop and reggae band Dreadless. And has performed on big stages like Beachpop Aalsmeer, Building T, Bergen op Zoom, Helden in the park city Belgium, One love festival Essex England, Dordrecht's Wantijpop, Cannabis Liberation Day, Rastaplas Zoetermeer, Jazz Festival Hilligersberg Rotterdam, and Irie vibes Roots festival in Hanzame Belgium. And has been working for two years with DJs such as Al Jerry, Deen Creed Steve Oseguera, David Kane, Syncterra, Scott Parks, Aron Scott, JeremA, Sonny Zamolo, Yan Garen, Ted Deleo, Daniele Cucinotta, Darko Kustura, Alessio Pellegrini, Mike Lesamoor, Anthony Provenzale, Twisted Chimp and Yanis Mild. Bibi Provence is regarded as an "uplifting" artist for all genres, with a varied style of House, Trance, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Jazz, Antillean, Funk and R & B.
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