Bervon (BR)


The ability to change people's emotions in a positive way is an essential quality for artists who want to truly connect with the crowd. Bervon, for example, understands that when he is called to take over the DJ booth, regardless of location, he has a mission to accomplish: to bring those ahead of him to his own universe, creating an intense environment where there are no boundaries for fun. In the case of this guy from Curitiba, he enjoys the bass and fast kicks of techno to impress an euphoric rhythm in his performances, precisely inserting the melodic and dark elements into the construction of his set, besides selecting the right songs at the right time, characteristic of a great music selector. Attributes that are also present in his productions, already approved and signed by labels such as Egothermia Records (Netherlands), Betrib Records and Ballroom Black (Berlin), Compacto Records (Brazil) and Spliced Vinyl Recordings (Canada). Bervon knows his potential very well and has big career plans. He, who has shared the stage with Christian Smith, Shall Ocin and Vinicius Honorio, had his track played by Wehbba, aside from performances at clubs such as Vibe, Inbox and Universo Paralello - at the festival's 20-year edition - today dreams of taking his music to Europe and spread his talent across Brazilian borders, carrying with him the knowledge and passion for techno.

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