Berry (NL)

Berry started dj'ing in the early 90's, with the rise of electronic music in The Netherlands. The 'mellow sound' of that era, with tracks such as The Bells from Jeff Mills, got Berry hooked forever and his love for techno was born. What started out as hobby, quickly became playing on vinyl at club nights and the so called 'houseparties' which were very popular in the 90's. These parties brought Berry to play at iconic venues such as Vechtse Banen and Central Studios in Utrecht and Martini Hallen in Groningen. From these parties festivals emerged such as Riverdance, where Berry has been playing since the very beginning. Having played for numerous parties over the years, with Geheime Liefde, Dance 2 Eden and 010 Classics to name a few, Berry can be described as a versatile and experienced dj with a great passion for the old skool sound.
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