Ben Komor ()

Conceptualist and DJ Ben Komor was born in 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. After a few years, he and his family moved to the United States, where they lived in Boston. While pioneer electronic artists where inventing techno and house music around that time, Ben spent most of his time in Kindergarten where classical artists such as Yo-Yo Ma musically rendered his perceptual development. At the tender age 8 he moved to the Netherlands, where he now practised the violin, to further enhance his holistic understanding of music and the world of sound in general. The Chemical Brothers “Block Rockin Beats” release in 1997 marks a turning point in Ben's life. A whole new immense electronic sound scape was now rapidly unraveling and expanding itself for Ben. Artists such as: Aphix Twin, Fatboy Slim, Orbital and the Prodigy where now starting to absorb his full attention. As a result in 1999 he swapped his violin for a pair of decks where he discovered and quickly flew with the infinite possibilities that electronic music now provided to him. It was only a matter of time and in truth a foregone conclusion that he would become obsessed with the sound of techno, being heavily inspired by legends such as Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Speedy J and Richie Hawtin. In 2002 his first gigs became fact and his alter ego “Kartikeya” was born. It refers to a Hindu god of war who was created by Shiva to destroy the demons, representing the negative tendencies and energies held within most human beings.
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