Beatamines (DE)

Sometimes you are creating a declaration of love - automatically. Beatamines composed many of those lines for extraordinary dancing people, for electronic music and the possibility to express himself with tracks like „How Never“ or "Swaggin“. His tracks and remixes were released on MBF (Traumschallplatten), Bondage - Music, Kittball, Stil vor Talent and on his hombebase, David Keno’s imprint Keno Records. But Beatamines does not only work as a solo producer, he also releases tracks with his mate David Jach - each number got a place in the charts and Beatamines was elected to one of the best newcomers in the last two years. Now the German nice guy is nearly booked up and he is on the way to being an honoured unique DJ, Liveact and Producer beyond Europe. Pascal Augner, that‘s the real name of Beatamines, waggles busy with his declarations of passion and writes new ones every day. He's packing the groove of a summer love into it, underlined with fat baselines, pregnant claps and chunky melodies. 2013 was a good and successful year for Pascal. He reinterpreted "The Planets" together with David Jach and the Dortmund Philharmonics (100 man strong orchestra) Gustav Holst. That was a very great honour for him, music remixing and re-writing for such a huge body of sound. Due to popular demand, the project „Groove Symphony" will be continued. In the beginning of 2014 the restless Thuringia has established a new project with Mirco Niemeier called „Ektschn!“ Her tracks land on labels like Super Flu's "Sunset Handjob" or André Crom's OFF Recordings! 3, 2, 1 and Ektschn!
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